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iPen iPad Active Stylus: Accurate Apple Accessory

 |  |  |  |  December 26, 2011

If instead of a multipurpose stylus you’d rather have one that does the job really, really well, check out the iPen. Behind the tragically boring name is a very accurate writing and drawing tool for the iPad.

ipen ipad active stylus

Developed by Cregle Inc., the iPen’s secret ingredient isn’t in the stylus itself, but in its complementary receiver, which uses both infrared and ultrasonic signals to detect the location of the stylus, instead of the iPad’s capacitive touch sensors. This provides a far more accurate drawing experience than any other iPad stylus to date. The receiver can track the stylus even when it’s just hovering above the iPad. It also has palm rejection, i.e. you can rest your palm on the iPad knowing that it won’t cause accidental input.

The Kickstarter fundraiser for the iPen ends today and will end on a very successful note, gathering more than four times its target amount. So if you manage to pledge at least $79 (USD) today it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be one of the first to own an iPen.

[via Gizmodo]