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LEGO Bionicle Tiger Is on the Prowl

 |  |  |  |  |  December 26, 2011

When I was a kid, there was no such thing as LEGO Bionicle. Heck, I think we pretty much had square and rectangular bricks and the occasional yellow minifig with a construction hat. And while purists may thing that all the fancy parts available in today’s LEGO kits are “cheating,” I’m still impressed when someone can take the parts to come up with something completely new and unique – like this awesome tiger made from Bionicle components.


“Mr. Kitty” was made by LEGO builder Mike Nieves (aka “Retinence“), and it really is an impressive beast – especially when you think about how those Bionicle pieces were never intended to be used for making animals, and most Bionicle creations simply end up looking like robotic warriors. Not this one. Retinence definitely thought outside of the box with this beast. Apparently it was a huge pain to find all of the orange pieces, but he definitely managed to pull it off. If you look closely, you’ll even notice that Mr. Kitty’s shoulder is made from a Bionicle mask. Very clever, indeed.


I just love all of the details, like the striped tail, and the sharpened yellow teeth, but its builder isn’t completely satisfied yet, and plans on refinining his design even further in time for Brickfair 2012. I’d love to see an entire menagerie of fierce animals made from Bionicle parts now.

[via Brothers Brick]