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Easy Iron Smooths Out Those Tricky Spots

 |  |  |  December 27, 2011

I think that there are some clothing companies out there that make some articles of clothing that are meant to drive people nuts, because it’s so hard to iron them.

Easy Iron

There are those areas near the collar, the layers on frilly clothing, the places near the cuffs. Sometimes, I just give up trying to iron some shirts because of sheer frustration. That’s probably what Choi Hyemin’s Easy Iron concept aims to prevent so you can get all your ironing done in a jiffy without blowing your top. It’s fitted with two iron plates at the bottom. When you get to a narrow area, just push a trigger to raise the wider rear section, leaving you with only a narrow front ironing surface. This, in turn gets those hard to work areas where the regular irons would be rendered ineffective.

Easy Iron

[via Yanko Design]