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PSP Outsells PS Vita in Japan

 |  |  |  |  December 29, 2011

Just the other day we told you how Sony’s PS Vita had been selling pretty well over in Japan, but it turns out, that’s not the whole story. The PS Vita has been available in Japan since December 17, but now after only its second week on sale, Sony’s last generation handheld, the PSP, is outselling it.


That’s not the only bad news. The 3DS, Wii, and PS3 sold more units in the run up to Christmas. The launch weekend saw the PS Vita sell 324,859 units, then there was a surprising drop between December 19-25 where it only sold 72,479.

To give you an idea, the PSP sold 101,121 units for the same period. Some drop is typical after the initial offering, but not like this. The 3DS sold 482,200 units during the PS Vita launch week and then only dropped to 357,691 sales last week. Things are not looking great for Sony so far, but only time will tell if the PS Vita can compete, especially with the impact that smartphones and tablets are having on the handheld gaming market.

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