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Solar-Powered Remote Control Lawn Mower: Lawnba

 |  |  |  |  |  December 29, 2011

While it’s not as lazy user-friendly as the Roomba, the Solar-Charged Remote Control Electric Lawn Mower invented by coder/tinkerer/not The Cure frontman Robert Smith is still more convenient than using traditional lawn mowers, and is most likely not as expensive as the ride-on mowers either. I just wish he trimmed his gadget’s name down to something else other than SCRCELM. I’m calling it the Lawnba.

solar powered remote control electric lawn mower by robert smith

I know that a remote control snowplow would be a more appropriate device to have at this time of the year, but from the looks of it by the time you finish making your own Lawnba your lawn will need mowing. Case in point: the introductory video below is the first in a thirteen-part series. Part of the reason why there are so many videos is because Smith is very professional and thorough, but no doubt it’s also because this project is quite the undertaking.

If you’ve got the skills and the know how, head to Robert Smith’s website for the full parts list, schematics, codes and all other information that you need to build your own Lawnba.

[via Hack a Day]