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GymPact Makes You Pay for Not Working Out

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 3, 2012

If your resolution is to get fit in the new year, but you think you might end up blowing it off, this app might help you. It’s called GymPact and you can get it now for the iPhone. The idea behind the app is that your own hard-earned money is at stake if you don’t go to the gym and work out.


To start, you create a weekly “pact” that says how many times you’ll go to the gym, and an amount you’re willing to give up if you don’t. When you get to the gym, you have to stay at least 30 minutes for the workout to count using its check-in feature. If you don’t check-in you have to pay up for not meeting your goals. The upside is that you can get cash rewards (typically about $1 a visit) if you stick to your goals, using the funds paid up by those that didn’t go. Naturally, GymPact takes a chunk of all the money you put in, 3% to be precise.

I guess if you are lazy and cheap, the thought of losing a buck might be enough to get you to go exercise. I would worry about people gaming the system though. What do you think?

If you want to try it, you can download the free GymPact app over at the iTunes App Store.

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