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LEGO Great Ball Contraption Lives Up to Its Name

 |  |  |  |  |  January 4, 2012

If you love LEGO and have the time, you can build yourself a machine just like this one. It’s totally useless, yet totally amazing and mesmerizing. One warning though. This likely was super expensive to make.

We first showed you this LEGO Great Ball Contraption about a year ago, but this video is much better quality and heck, it is still mind-blowing so it’s worth another look. It scoops up mini soccer and basketballs, then dumps them into a truck which drives over to a rotating ferris wheel kind of thing where the balls take a ride over to an elevator then…Just watch the video. There are too many cool things going on.

It was built by a guy known as akiyuky, and it truly is hypnotizing. You just can’t stop watching it. I just love it. Akiyuky, I salute you. I raised a fistful of bricks to you good sir and look forward to your next creation. What’s that you say, you’re already working on an update to your Great Ball Contraption?

[via geek]