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LEGO Starcraft Battlecruiser: Bricks of Liberty

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 4, 2012

Holy crap! I can not stop staring at this amazing LEGO ship built by Sven Junga. Starcraft fans will recognize it as the Terran Battlecruiser called the Hyperion (Jim Raynor’s flagship from Starcraft 2.)

The detail blows me away. Sven does amazing brick-work. He used artwork from the game to get all of those details just right, which must have taken a good while. Can you guess how many pieces he used?


This impressive creation has over 15,000 pieces. If LEGO would only release kits this exciting, I would be building them. Of course a kit like this would cost a fortune, so there goes that idea. Sven has the right idea, build it yourself.


For more images of this one as well as other creations check out Sven Junga’s Flickr page.

[via Neatorama via Kotaku]