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Pig Buddies USB Drive for Nature Lovers

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 7, 2012

We’ve seen plenty of USB drives, but this design is super cute if you like pigs. Funny thing, not everyone like pigs, but we all love bacon. Anyway, this concept USB design by Weplaygod is pretty neat and I don’t even like pigs.
The mom pig acts as a USB hub, and just like in nature, the baby pigs can dock with mommy and get some milk, or in this case some data. I guess this would be a good one for farmers or anyone who has a pet pig.


Since most USB designs are pretty boring, I’d like to see this idea expanded on. Say, one large spaceship with some smaller ones in the docking ports maybe. I’m sure it will become a reality one day.

[via Likecool]