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Wavelength: A Complicated Way to Go Hands-Free With Your Landline

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Written by Hazel Chua | January 9, 2012

You can go wireless with your landline, but not hands-free, unless you’re on speakerphone. And this isn’t really an option people would go for if they value their privacy and want to keep their conversations private (as we all probably do.) But the Wavelength is changing this limitation by bringing you landline – without wires, without the fear of eavesdropping, and 100% hands-free.


I think the “no more eavesdropping” bit is the most impressive aspect of this concept design by Daniel Fitzgerald. This is made possible as the Wavelength makes use of a process called “parametric interaction,” generating two directional high frequency sounds that interact when they crossover so that only the user can hear it at an audible frequency. Sounds complicated, I know, but basically, it just means that the frequency and direction that the sound waves are emitted make this “no eavesdropping” bit possible.


In Daniel’s words:

As a substitute ‘Wavelength’ uses a directional (parametric array) speakers and a directional (parabolic) microphone to transmit and receive audio. This allows the user to engage in a completely private conversation through this device without having to hold or wear anything. During a conversation ‘Wavelength’ (with the help of a camera and rangefinder) will track the users face. A two axis pivot allows ‘Wavelength’ to aim the speaker and microphone accordingly.

Pretty cool in concept and definitely amazing, if it actually works in real life.

[via Yanko Design]