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Voltron and Fallout Get the Papercraft Treatment

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 10, 2012

Papercraft fans who love Fallout or Voltron can make some cool new toys for their desk. They each have the signature cube heads of papercraft toys and look amazing.

They were designed by Randy Padama (aka randyfivesix) and are ready for you to download and assemble. Display them on your desk, or play with them like action figures and make them fight. This gives you the opportunity to act out the crossover event that never was, but should have been. The Voltron and Fallout crossover that would have either been amazing or totally sucked.

The Fallout guy is especially neat since he has a removable paper helmet. If you have the spare time and want to make something cool, you can download them here. There’s also a TRON guy, but he’s actually the least interesting of the bunch, but maybe that’s just my taste.

[via Superpunch]