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Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Pocket Watch is Perfect for Doctor Who

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 11, 2012

Whenever the next version of the Doctor comes along, he’s going to need a new wardrobe and some accessories. I would like to suggest that he have the watch on his person. It’s old, yet modern. Perfect for the time and space explorer. It seems fitting for a Timelord to use this.

Sculpted in English pewter and brass, this timepiece not only looks good on the outside, it’s also impressive on the inside, with “solar powered, brass turbine blades rotating or hand cranked to generate transformed power”.  It also has a quartz movement and a magnetic fastening hatch, and displays the “Temporal Decay Index” on its “Galvanic Scale.”  Or maybe it just tells time.

I wouldn’t mind the next doctor wearing this at all, as long as he doesn’t say “Fob watches are cool.” It is $149(USD) over at Design Toscano.

[via Randomgoodstuff]