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Car Compass: Helps Dudes Find Their Cars

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Written by Hazel Chua | January 13, 2012

So you park your car, go to the mall/watch a movie/eat at the restaurant, and have a generally good time. Then you go back to the parking lot and realize, with a sinking feeling, that you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked your ride.

You can either retrace your steps, walk around the entire parking lot or basement parking area until you find your car, or just randomly hit the unlock and lock button on your car key so you can be guided by the sound of your car being locked and unlocked as you inch closer.


Or you could just wait until AHHAPROJECT’S Car Compass concept becomes a reality. While there are already some apps on the market to help you find your car, the Car Compass is envisioned as a simple enhancement to your car’s key fob.

Car Compass

It works just like a regular compass, but instead of gauging what direction you’re headed, it will point you in the right direction towards your car. You can literally say goodbye to walking around aimlessly in the parking lot (or thinking that someone stole your car!) once you’ve got this thing in your hands.

Car Compass

[via Yanko Design]