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Crocheted Cyclops Costume Is Keeping an Eye on You

 |  |  |  |  January 13, 2012

Back in the old days, it was only bored grandmothers that crocheted and all that was produced was a pair of socks, or maybe a scarf or a blanket. These days everybody is doing it and they are making some awesomely geeky things. Like a full Cyclops costume.

It was created by Veronica Knight who did an amazing job creating old One-Eye. She even created a crocheted sword to complete the outfit. I love how the body piece looks like scaled armor.

And of course the beard is perfect too. If I saw this thing at night, I would totally run away like a little girl and tell my friends that a Cyclops was out to get me. They would all laugh, but I would know it existed and that it was hunting me. For the rest of my life I would fear the Cyclops and wait for its return. The end.

[via Craftzine]