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Darth Vader’s Day at the Office

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Written by Range | January 15, 2012

If there’s anything that you get from Star Wars, is that Darth Vader was a pretty messed up dude. That didn’t stop Jim Alley from creating this quirky scene, which imagines how Darth Vader’s life could have been like if he wouldn’t have been so taken with the Dark Side of the Force, and settled down and got a “real job” instead.

jim alley darth vader office star wars

While Darth Vader might not really work amongst us, it’s funny to think of a dark lord of the Sith just going about his day, taking some calls and having a cup of joe. One can only assume he’s talking to Luke or Leia on the phone – probably asking the kids what they want for dinner tonight.

[via Jay Mug]