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Empty Memory USB Jewelry Will Also Empty Your Wallet

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 16, 2012

Flash drives with themes and designs are nothing new, but if you’re really looking for something that pushes the form of a USB drive, Logical Art’s Empty Memory series may be the ones that you’re looking for.

empty memory usb drives by logical art

The Empty Memory drives come in two variants, each with its own subtle visual trick to indicate vacuity. The Structure only has an outline of a body while the Transparency is, you know, transparent. The functional part of the flash drives take up only a small part of the whole thing.

empty memory usb drives by logical art 3

The message is supposed to be that you’re going to fill that emptiness with your own memory, a metaphor that fails when you consider that the drives don’t change appearance when the drives are no longer empty. But still, they’re really nice to look at. I particularly like looking at the shot with the Structure drive plugged-in.

empty memory usb drives by logical art 4

Logical Art’s online shop is now accepting pre-orders for the drives, which by the way are cast from stainless steel, hand-polished and finished in various colors. If the title didn’t already clue you in, that previous sentence should prepare you for their price tags. The drives are only available in 4GB capacity and sell for £48 (~$73 USD) for the standard stainless steel finish and £60 (~$92 USD) for the gold or rhodium variants. I know, you could get a 1TB external drive for just a few dollars more, but will it have the fancy illusion? And can you wear your terabyte drive as a pendant? I didn’t think so, peasant.

empty memory usb drives by logical art 2

[via Logical Art via MoCo Loco]