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Hub and Mini Hub Makes Standard Cords Retractable, Untangleable

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 16, 2012

I know, that’s a made up word, but we’re talking about a made up accessory, and it’ll stay a concept unless you pitch in. The Hub and Mini Hub are receptacles with a built-in retraction mechanism so you can store and tidy up your cables with just a press of a button.

hub and mini hub by big i design

The Hub will fit cords up to 3mm (about 0.12″) thick and 3.77ft. long such as USB cables while the Mini Hub is made for cords up to 2mm (about 0.08″) thick and 4.9ft long, like headphones. I’ll wait here while you go measure your cords and make those numbers mean something. No? Not going to measure? Okay then, let’s just watch this video:

If you want to see the awesome push-button action again, I suggest you watch this video instead. It’s just the demo minus the talking part. Both containers are made of aluminum, but the inventors – Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang – have yet to decide whether they’ll be shiny or anodized.

Head to Kickstarter and pledge at least $30 (USD) so you can be the first to own a Hub and Mini Hub. As of this writing the concept still hasn’t reached its target funds, but with almost two months to go and with such a sound idea, I’m willing to bet my life savings (i.e. nothing) that the Hub and the Mini Hub will see the light of day. And if the actual products end up being shiny then they’ll reflect the light of day to your eyes, promptly blinding you, rendering your touch-operated devices moot. At least your cords will be organized.

[via designboom]