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“If I Die” Facebook App Lets You Post One Last Message From Your Grave

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Written by Hazel Chua | January 16, 2012

Some families contact Facebook to have the accounts of their loved ones closed when they pass away. Others just leave them be so contacts can leave comments remembering the life they led and the impact they made on the lives of others.

But when your time comes, would you want to leave a last word of some sort?

If I Die Facebook

Sometimes, circumstances make it impossible for you to leave your last word, like if you’ve got some illness where you’ll be too weak to speak or if you go by way of an accident. It would’ve been too late – if you didn’t have the “If I Die” app, that is.

It’s an app for Facebook that will make sure you’ll be able to have your last word.

If I Die Facebook

Just activate the “If I Die” app, prepare a video or text message, and you’re all set. When you die, three trustees who you’ve appointed when you set the app up will confirm if you have indeed passed. Your message will then be automatically posted to your wall from beyond the grave.

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