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Squeeze Your Own Upholstery Into the bOne Chair

 |  |  |  |  January 17, 2012

There’s the traditional and conventional way of building your own chair, and then there’s the futuristic and creative DIY chair by way of the bOne Chair.


Technically, the bOne isn’t even DIY because it already comes with a metal frame and pre-formed upholstery blocks that come in a bright green color. Instead of hammering out your own chair, all you’ve got to do with the bOne is bend the legs and back into position, squish the upholstery into the holes, and sit.


Bone Chair

Sounds easy, but I think stuffing those cylindrical pieces of upholstery in might be a little harder than you think.

Bone Chair

The bOne Chair was designed by JDF Raum und Kunst, and according to the firm, the bOne is “a chair with a playful air for people with a sense of humor. Its support structure mimics our bone structure, its upholstery our skin cells, and just like these cells the seat, too, conforms – like the rhytm of inhaling and exhaling – to the individual’s unique ergonomics.”

It’s pretty clever. I certainly never thought of a chair like that. No word on if the bOne chair will ever become a product you can buy, or if it’s just a design concept though.

[via Beautiful Life via Gadgets Matrix]