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Legend of Zelda NES Mod a Real Team Effort: It’s Dangerous to Mod Alone

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 19, 2012

While I’ve seen tons of NES casemods over the years, I have to say that it’s sometimes best to keep things simple and elegant, like with this Legend of Zelda tribute NES done up by Ryan Fitzpatrick (aka “Platinumfungi,”) along with the help of pro console painter Jayrod2.


The console offers up a stunning automotive grade, clear-coated finish, with gold, silver and red accents, clearly reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda gold cartridge. Ryan says they allowed the paint to cure for a full month between steps to ensure a perfect finish. I certainly would never have that kind of patience. But paintjob aside, the very best part of the design though is the intricate pixelated Link on top.


You might assume that it was laser cut, but it was entirely done by hand, which makes it way more impressive in its level of detail and clean construction. Utilmately, it took Ryan over 50 hours of cutting, sanding and soldering to work out the light up multi-colored Link character.


The icing on the cake for this mod is the accompanying launch video clip Ryan and his pals made, working with Avid Productions 479 on the video, and Will Chiles on the original Zelda-inspired score. It’s really a loving tribute to Zelda, and shows off the console in all its glory:

Now wasn’t that special? Seems to me that all casemods should come along with such a magical launch video, don’cha think?

[Thanks for the tip, Will & Ryan!]