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Doom Plays on Calculators, Now in Color

 |  |  |  |  |  January 20, 2012

This new calculator mod allows you to play Doom, not in monochrome, but in glorious color. There’s no sound in the game yet though, as the mod is still in the development stage. It runs on the Texas Instruments TI-nspire CX calculator with OS 3.1 and Ndless 3 running the Doom game.

The controls had to be tweaked a bit and a custom Doom menu was created to make it different from the plain DOS version of the game. This is one small step for games, one giant leap for calculators.

This port is packaged with the Ndless program, allowing you to unlock your hardware and perform your own hacks as well, but you won’t have time since you will be busy playing Doom. In color! On a calculator!

[via Hack a Day via Slashgear]