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MST3K Locket Mocks Your Precious Pictures

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 22, 2012

I sure miss Mystery Science Theater 3000. My fondest memories of the show are way back in the Joel Hodgson era, but these days, just seeing a picture of Crow, Tom Servo or Gypsy makes me giddy. Now I only wish that I could pull off this MST3K pendant to show my love for the classic sci-fi comedy show.

Just like the setup of the show – where Joel (or Mike) sat with the robots and made fun of bad “B” movies, this handmade pendant makes your favorite photo the subject of their humorous jabs.


The MST3K locket is made by Laura of PicaPicaPress, and it’s the perfect place to house a picture of a loved one with a good sense of humor. After all, they’re going to be perpetually belittled within an inch of their lived by this outer-space peanut gallery. I suppose you could wimp out and put someĀ  sci-fi movie still in there. Pretty much any scene from the re-released Star Wars Blu-ray collection should do the trick – especially from Episode I. Robot Monster always works wonders.


Girls, if you consider yourself among the remaining MSTies out there, head on over to Etsy, where you can grab up this locket for $60 (USD). Be sure to wear it the next time you find yourself trapped on the Satellite of Love.

[via SUATMM]