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Giant Inflatable Spider Puppet Requires Crop Dusting with Raid

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 23, 2012

This image looks pretty tame to me. Just some guy playing with his inflatable spider. But watch the video and be creeped out by how realistically this spider air puppet moves it’s legs. It is an amazing creation, but it must die before it kills someone.

It looks like it is about 10 feet high, with the legs about 30 feet in diameter at full extension. This huge insect puppet was created by Tim Davies, who makes all kinds of cool things, including puppets for carnivals. That’s him beneath the beast (and living to tell about it.)

There is no info on how this thing works – Tim just says it’s “air-powered.” All I know is that it is creepy as hell when it moves. Call in some F-17s to spray this thing with Raid before it reproduces. You can see more of Tim’s work here.

[via Propnomicon via SuperPunch via Neatorama]