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Listen To Your Hands Table: When One Drawer Closes, Another One Opens

 |  |  |  January 24, 2012

When one door closes, another one opens. That’s probably a saying you’ve heard time and again when you just got fired or lost an opportunity you’ve been chasing after for a long time. So what do drawers have to do with the whole thing, and with life, in particular?

Well, I say it has to do with patience. And with intention.

All this talk about drawers isn’t about underwear, but about desk drawers. You know, the ones you slide out and push back in after you put some stuff into them. And not just any desk drawer, but just the drawers on Sanghyeok Lee’s unusual Listen to your hands table.


You see, when you push one drawer shut too fast, another one on the other end will open. Open one too carelessly, and another one somewhere will slam shut. This is because the drawers in Lee’s table are connected on the inside by a single, empty space. So if you push or pull too quickly, this pocket of air forces another one to open or close accordingly as well.

The lesson behind this interactive table is to “act with intention.” The only time when you can simply just open or close a drawer without causing one on the other end to close or open respectively is if you do it gently – with intention.

[via Architizer]