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Sculpted Eers In-Ear Headphones Has You Mold Your Own Earbuds

 |  |  |  |  |  January 24, 2012

In-ear headphones provide great sounds and decent noise cancellation, but only if you can find a set that fits right. Some companies like Westone or Ultimate Ears offer custom fitting – they have specialists that make molds of your ear canal, which are then used to make ear buds that fit you perfectly. But those types of services have an additional feature: budget cancellation. Sonomax claims it has come up with a great compromise – you get cheaper headphones, but you have to make the ear buds yourself.

sonomax sculpted eers custom in-ear headphones

When you buy a pair of the company’s Sculpted Eers in-ear headphones, you’re essentially buying an unfinished product. But it does come with the tools and materials you need to make your own ear buds. What’s more, the whole process takes just 4 minutes. Obviously there’s the risk of you screwing it up. Perhaps you end up making a mold of your armpit or butt instead. Here’s a demo of the process:

See? It’s so easy even the CEO of the company who makes it and thus is heavily invested in the success of the product can do it! And that’s while being interviewed! Seriously though, it doesn’t seem hard at all. The most critical part is ensuring that the headband fits snugly before you let the silicone out. Still didn’t get that? Here’s a more detailed video that seems to have been made for Sonomax employees. You can order a pair of Sculpted Eers on the official online store or on It’s available in two models – The $200 (USD) PCS-100 has a single driver while the $300 PCS-200 has two drivers for better sound.

[via Gear Patrol]