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Starship Enterprise Coffee Table: Bean Me Up, Scotty!

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 26, 2012

Trekkies, have I got something for you. If you’re thinking about redecorating your living room in a Star Trek motif, you’re going to want to seriously think about incorporating this bit of furniture into your game plan.


This bit of geeky awesomeness is the Starship Enterprise coffee table. It’s a one-of-a-kind handcrafted hardwood model of old NCC-1701-C, carefully placed under glass to protect it from phaser attacks (and spills.) It was made by wood artist Barry Shields, who couldn’t have a more appropriate name, unless it was Joe Nacelles, Steve Photon Torpedo, or Harry Warp Core.

Barry says it took him over a month to build it just the way he wanted, and it shows. I love how he even made the glass on top match the lines of the Enterprise. The base lifts the ship off the ground, making it look as if it’s hovering above the thick-pile planetary surface (rug) below.


It’s made from cherry, ash and poplar wood, along with steel supports and the aforementioned glass top. Barry doesn’t list the exact dimensions of the Enterprise itself, but the glass is 34″ x 54″, and the table is about 17″ tall, so it’d definitely a full-size coffee table. If you want it, beam yourself on over to Etsy, and get your credit card out – since it’s going to cost you a cool $3,100 (USD) if you want this in your home. Frankly, I think that’s a small price to pay to own the coolest coffee table in the neighborhood.

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