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Hang Your Smartphone Anywhere with Bondi

 |  |  |  |  January 30, 2012

Sometimes, I call my handbag the “Handbag of Doom.” It’s a huge, spacious tote with numerous side pockets and compartments. While these are normally useful, they turn into side pockets of doom when I happen to be looking for something in a rush–like my ringing phone.

I’ve missed my fair share of important calls while rummaging through my bag, which is both frustrating and annoying. If you’ve gone through similar experiences – not just with bags, but when it comes to missing calls because you’ve misplaced your phone – then the Bondi can help you out.


The Bondi is an adorable little anthropomorphic smartphone hanger. It basically has two arms, two legs, and a hook that resembles the ones you can find on clothes hangers.

You can bend the limbs of the Bondi in any direction you want to. In fact, it’s the Bondi’s arms and legs that make it multi-functional in the first place: it can hug your smartphone in place, reach out so you can hang your keys and other stuff on its arms, and so much more. The Bondi is available in 10 colors and retails for $20 (USD).