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Rubik’s Cube Soap Looks Perfect, Harder to Solve than Actual Cube

 |  |  |  |  |  January 31, 2012

While it’s certainly no longer the case, there was a time when solving the Rubik’s Cube was one of the greatest accomplishments of the geek world. Now, there are people (and robots) who can solve it in a matter of seconds. But the original 1980s Cube is still an icon which conjures memories of frustration (and occasional joy).

While you probably don’t have a need for a Rubik’s Cube in your house these days, you definitely need to take a bath from time to time to keep from stinking. So why not make it fun, and grab this Rubik’s Cube soap block, from DigitalSoaps?


This thing is a dead-ringer for the original puzzle, with all the perfect grooves and 54 colorful stickers hand-applied to the underlying form. Only the bottom is a little different (it’s completely flat), presumably because that’s how the soap molding process works. Still, it’s got yellow stickers on it, but you probably don’t want to show off that side.


Just like the original Rubik’s Cube, you’ll need to peel off the stickers to solve this puzzle – unless you want a bunch of stickers stuck to your bottom when you get out of the tub. Unlike the original Cube, this one smells like grape soda. This was only the case with the original if your little brother got out those Mr. Sketch scented grape markers and drew all over yours.

If you’d like a Rubik’s Cube soap for yourself, head on over to Etsy, where you can grab one for $22 (USD).