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Virus Stay Warm Suits Keep You Toasty with Recycled Coffee Beans

 |  |  |  |  January 31, 2012

I’m all for green alternatives. Not green as in “envy” or green as in “cold hard cash,” but green as in “environmentally friendly.” The suits below are from Virus’ Stay Warm line and they’re as green as green can get: making use of recycled coffee beans to add an extra layer of warmth on the suits.


What Virus actually did was grind up these coffee beans to come up with coffee charcoal, which they’ve (not so) cleverly called Coffee Char. The char was then processed and incorporated into a natural fiber, which serves as the base layer fabric that make the garments act more like insulators, raising skin temperature by as much as 10°F.

You might be thinking that sportswear that traps heat will end up making you feel all sticky and gross, right? Wrong, because the Stay Warm suits were made to wick the moisture away from your skin. The suits also have UV shielding and anti-odor properties that make sure you don’t stink while doing whatever it is you’re doing.

You can check out the entire range of suits from the Virus Action Sport Performance Stay Warm line on their site right here.

[via Gizmag]