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PleaseCycle Gives You Perks For Racking Up BikeMiles

 |  |  |  |  |  February 2, 2012

When you train your dog, you employ a rewards system to reinforce good behavior, while trying to get rid of the bad ones. Parents raise their children in a similar manner, and many businesses employ the same approach in trying to keep their customers coming back.

So really, there’s no reason why companies shouldn’t use the rewards system of doing things when it comes to trying to get their employees to go greener. That’s 23-year old entrepreneur Ry Morgan’s idea when he came up with PleaseCycle.


Basically, Morgna has created a series of tools and services that will help business organizations start up their own bicycling programs. The latest is the BikeMile, which is like those airline rewards programs that give you some perks and privileges depending on the number of miles you’ve flown. Only in this case, it’s going to be for the number of miles you’ve cycled.

PleaseCycle Benefits

Morgan explains: “PleaseCycle creates digital Cycle Hubs for organizations which allow employees to log miles via Twitter and a mobile app… They can then redeem these BikeMiles for discount vouchers at a variety of retailers and compete against colleagues for additional rewards.”

Morgan adds: “Clients are already using the Hub to incentivise employees with everything from extra holiday time to discounted cycle equipment through our retail partners.  We are essentially creating an Air Miles for bikes.”

The system launched in beta last November. Three hubs (which includes a hotel and a university) are already live, while many more are planned and on the way.

[via Pop Up City]