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Zombie Pencil Holder, the Undead Desk Organizer

 |  |  |  |  February 8, 2012

Chances are you have too many pencils and pens and no good place to put them. If you got attacked by a zombie, you could defend yourself by stabbing them into his or her head, but then he would just walk away with them, so this zombie head pencil holder is the next best option.


Plus, this one won’t attack you. It also makes a great conversation piece. Each handpainted zombie has 6 holes in its head for holding on to your pencils and pens. Its eyes are magnets to keep your paperclips in one place too, and the removable tongue is a tray for small items and business cards.


The slit in the back of the neck will hold your letters and papers. Since you can’t battle a real zombie and claim his head for your desk, this will have to do for now. The zombie head pencil holder is available for $34.95(USD) over at the Neatoshop.