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Steampunk Heels with Lace, Jewels, and LED Lighting – What More Can You Ask for?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 9, 2012

Statement shirts, statement earrings, statement necklackes, statement doormats – all sorts of stuff that make a statement are everywhere these days. Statement shoes have long been in fashion as well, but I think I just saw the pair that make the loudest statement ever.

Vintage Steampunk Heels

These ornate “Steampunk” heels are adorned with lace and embellished with rhinestones on all sides. The edge of the shoes are also lined with smoked glass beads and vintage charms, which give the shoes a gothic vibe, in my opinion.


The coolest thing about these heels (and the reason they’re here on Technabob in the first place) are the LED lights. I mean, they aren’t the first pair of footwear that light up, but they’re the first heels I’ve seen that do in a long, long time.

They’re also pretty much the only ones I know that come with a remote so you can set the color of the LED lights and decide how fast you want them to fade or light up. I can just see someone wearing these heels now while getting down on the dance floor…

Anyway, they’re being made and sold by The Ratchet and Cog on Etsy for $180(USD) a pair. Any takers?