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Spray-On Antenna: Spritz for Reception

 |  |  |  |  February 15, 2012

If you’ve ever been stranded somewhere with zero reception, then you’re one of the millions who will appreciate the Spray-On Antenna system that Chamtech has developed.

You might have done a little double take because of how unreal it sounds: An antenna you can spray on?

Spray On Antenna System

But Chamtech’s co-founder Anthony Sutera claims it might just be the solution to everyone’s bad reception woes. In the video presentation about the product, he explained: “We have come up with a material that when you spray it on, it lays out just in the right pattern and all of these little capacitors charge and discharge extremely quickly in real time and they don’t create any heat.”

Sounds like some sort of miracle product, but does it work? One of the results from Chamtech’s tests revealed that an RFID chip with a 5-foot range was turned into an RFID chip with a 700-foot range. There are also reports that the United States government is also looking into this technology.

For something that sounds incredibly groundbreaking, one can only wonder what could be the possible side effects of such a substance. I know I am.

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