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Warning: These Zombie Spike Heels Can Kill

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Written by Hazel Chua | February 18, 2012

I find Lady Gaga entertaining overall. She’s not just fun to watch when she performs; in fact, she’s fun to watch, period, because it’s like she’s on-stage 24/7 with the way she dresses. Ten-inch platforms? Transparent dresses? Enormous hair?

Now these Zombie Spike Heels might not be as out there for her, but to the regular female, they’re definitely a lot to handle.

Spiked Zombie Heels
You obviously won’t be able to wear these un-dead peep toe heels to the office, since heads will turn (and some might even roll.)

Each shoe has twenty spikes that measure 5/8 inches, each of which help give the heels an edgier look. And they look sharp enough to cause a significant amount of pain if you’re unlucky enough to get a hind-kick from the person wearing them.

The party goes on, even when the lights go out because the teeth and the eyes of the zombie will glow in the dark.

These are one-of-a-kind footwear that will let you channel the Gaga (or zombie) in you. I’m pretty sure you probably won’t be able to find these anywhere else either. They’re available in US size 8 (EUR size 39) from Mr. Robbie Rotten’s shop on Etsy for $200(USD).