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Robocop ED-209 Robot Recreated from Junk: Old Detroit Streets Still Not Safe

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 20, 2012

I just happened to catch Robocop on satellite yesterday again, and determined that it’s aged nicely from an cheesy, hyper-violent action flick into a hyper-cheesy, hyper-violent action flick over the years. Plus, it has the guy who played Dr. Romano on ER getting covered in toxic waste and splattered by a car in it.

While most of us remember Robocop as the movie’s main robotic character, there was also the more deadly – but slightly more stupid ED-209. If you liked ED-209’s big turrets and birdlike waddle, then you’ll probably enjoy this:


What we have here is a miniature version of ED-209, made up out of old junk parts. It was created by Sage Werbock (aka “The Great Nippulini“) using various stuff he had lying around including a head made from an old computer power supply, and legs and arms made from used propane bottles. The little robot even has a pivoting center, so he can swing from side-to-side, spraying his non-existent ammo across the room, laying waste to invisible enemies.


You’re looking at Mini-ED here, who measures in at about 13-1/2 inches-tall and 15 inches-wide. But this isn’t the only ED-209 that Werbock has welded together, no. He also has a giant 300 pound version of the robot hanging out in his backyard – that version used full-size propane tanks for its arm-turrets.


For now, only Mini-ED is for sale, and you can grab him over at Etsy for $150 (USD). You have 15 seconds to comply….