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Medieval Batman Armor Makes Batman a True Dark Knight

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 22, 2012

They call Batman The Dark Knight because he acts like a knight, helping the people of Gotham in need, despite his somewhat barbaric tactics. His cause is right and just, like a Knight on a quest. Plus he does most of his work at night. Now, this suit of armor makes him an official Dark Knight.

This armor looks completely amazing and aside from maybe a few Elseworlds tales, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Batman decked out in a Knight’s armor. This all-leather suit of armor was made by Deviantart user Azmal. It was molded to look like the suit of armor Batman would wear in a medieval-inspired alternate fantasy universe. And how awesome is that Bat-sword?


You can check it out, along with a lot of other cool creations that his deviantart site as well.

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