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iPUP iPhone Case Offers Safe Storage for Magnetic Cards

 |  |  |  |  February 23, 2012

The iPUP is a combination case/credit card holder case for your iPhone. It was designed by Yun Seong Kim and it’s supposed to keep your cards in place, no matter what happens. What I like is that it has some technical features to protect your cards that are housed within it.

ipup credit card case iphone secure

The main goal behind the design was to create something that was as unobtrusive as possible, so that it feels like it’s part of the case, not something bulkier that was attached to it. The case was created to allow you to easily take out your cards without much fuss, by simply using a couple of fingers. Since your phone is probably in your hands most of the time, this makes sense.


The iPUP comes with a protective card made from UV-coated PET film to protect the magnetic strip of your cards from rubbing off – and it supposedly helps disperse the iPhone’s electromagnetic field, though it’s not clear how. That’s pretty cool, because demagnetizing your cards is always a hassle.

ipup credit card case iphone secure

For now, the iPUP is just a concept, but the website says that it’s coming soon, so it will most likely be available in the coming months.

ipup credit card case iphone secure
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