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Star Wars Kinect Has Pod Racers, Rancor Destruction and Slave Leia Dancing

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 27, 2012

I wasn’t going to buy this game, but now it turns out that there is at least one very good reason why I should. Apparently, the Star Wars Kinect game will feature Slave Leia in some sort of weird dance-off in Jabba’s palace. It’s an oddly captivating nerd-entrancing dance.

So yes, I am nerd enough to buy this based solely on that alone, but let’s not forget that this game also has pod racing, the ability to roam Tatooine as a Rancor and terrorize everyone like Godzilla and of course, lots of lightsaber action. Check out about 5 minutes of gameplay footage in the video below:

The podracing I can live without. The really exciting parts, aside from watching Leia dance are the lightsaber battles and the Rancor levels. Who hasn’t dreamed of throwing droids around, crushing Sandpeople and chomping on Jawas like potato chips?

And if you’ve got $450 to spare, the game comes with an awesome R2-D2 console and C-3PO controller.

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