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Ion Wireless Air Mouse Looks Futuristic, Seems Less Convenient

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Written by Hazel Chua | February 28, 2012

Designers and manufacturers are continuously coming up with ways to reinvent the computer mouse. The most recent one was the Logitech Cube mouse which looked more like a tiny pack of cigarettes than something for use with your computer.

My personal favorite though would have to be the Genius Ring mouse because of its portability and usefulness. And then there’s the Ion Wireless Air Mouse.


I won’t deny that the Air Mouse looks cool. It conjures up images of futuristic movies where computer screens are gigantic and look like they were just made of glass. But I have to say that it looks complicated to use and seems like a less convenient option than a regular mouse in the long run.

Imagine having to put on a glove-like contraption each time you use your computer. Think of the time you’ll have to spend learning how to use the mouse while you move your fingers here or there to make sure you got it right. And then you’ve got to wonder why you’d bother with a glove when you can use optical gesture controllers like the Kinect.

That said, the Air Mouse surely has its niche. If you don’t mind having to put a glove on each time you need to click on stuff, then it might be the mouse for you. It’s available from Bellco for $79.95 (USD).

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