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AIRE Mask: How Darth Vader Charges His iPhone

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 29, 2012

Between solar energy, hand cranks and even heat from fires, there are lots of green ways to charge our phones. Some don’t work that well, while others work, but are bulky. Then there are those that are just plain silly. The AIRE mask falls into the latter category.
First off, it makes you look like some kind of comic book villain. Second, it makes you look like a comic book villain. The AIRE concept comes from Joao Paulo Lammoglia and uses the power of your breath, which it converts to electricity, using tiny wind turbines. Just keep it connected to an iOS-powered device, breathe normally and you are charging. Good idea, but let’s not do this one.

Luckily this is only in the concept stage at the moment. Otherwise we would see these all over the streets and it would look like a gathering of the League of Evil Geniuses.

[via Ubergizmo]