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Intoxicase Opens Bottles, Tracks How Much You’ve Had to Drink

 |  |  |  |  |  February 29, 2012

iPhone cases with bottle openers isn’t exactly anything new. (Remember the iBottleOpener and the Opena?) But there’s a new iPhone bottle-opening case in town that promises to offer you more than the usual.

What the Intoxicase can do aside from opening your bottles of booze (or soda) isĀ countĀ how many bottles you’ve opened (and possibly chugged down) during your night out.

It comes with an app called Intoxicase (obviously) that you can download for free from the iTunes App Store. Aside from keeping track of the number of bottles open, the app can help you find your car or call a cab, play music when you open a bottle, and post the numbers on your social networking profile so you can let everyone know how much of an alcoholic you are.


Two versions of the Intoxicase are available: the regular one, which retails for $35 (USD), and the Intoxicase Plus, which has a slicker, more modern look – which is normally priced at $45 but is currently available for pre-order for $35.

[via iPhone Hacks via Bit Rebels]