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Steampunk NERF Rifle: A Staple of 19th Century Tomfoolery

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 29, 2012

deviantART member vanbangerburger put together this trinket-filled steampunk weapon using a NERF rifle, some acrylic and spray paint and then attached “pretty much whatever” he could find to it. I’m disappointed that he didn’t find a cat.

steampunk nerf rifle by vanbangerburger

The brass paint, gauges and pipes are great touches, but otherwise I think this project still needs some work. There’s still too much of the original rifle peeking out. But that’s just me, and anyway I’m sure vanbangerburger can still tweak or build on his design if he wanted to. Like maybe make it shoot steam. Or punks. Or steamy punks.

steampunk nerf rifle by vanbangerburger 2

Check out vanbangerburger’s deviantART page for the high-res images, including ones featuring the goggles that are included in a couple of the pictures.

steampunk nerf rifle by vanbangerburger 3

steampunk nerf rifle by vanbangerburger 4

[via Walyou]