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Skimpy Dovahkiin Female Armor Wouldn’t Stop an Arrow to the Knee

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 2, 2012

I’ve been playing countless hours of Skyrim. I’ve fought dragons, bandits, mages, bought a house and shouted at everyone, but I have yet to see a character like this female Dragonborn. Her armor rating may be a zero, but she looks like a perfect 10 in that get-up.

It was made by Artyfakes Action-Props, who make custom foam and latex weaponry for LARPing, theater, film and more. Looks damn good if you ask me. Oh, the armor? Yeah, it looks amazing. The detail is dead on.


The problem is that this armor isn’t going to do her any good in combat. There’s just not enough of it. Good for us guys to ogle over, but very bad for her should some bandits cross her path.

Wanna see more of the girl they’re calling “Skyrim Barbie?” Hit this link – just be sure to stop watching before the 38 second mark.

[via Obvious Winner via Geeks Are Sexy]