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Transition Flying Car to Be on Hand at New York Auto Show

 |  |  |  |  |  March 2, 2012

I don’t know if you remember the toys or the cartoon from back in the 1980s called MASK. That was one my favorite shows and had a bunch of the toys that were cars, trucks, and motorcycles that turned into other things. My favorite was a motorcycle that turned into a helicopter. Ever since I saw flying car in one of those old James Bond flicks as a kid, I have wanted one.

Terrafugia has been working on a street legal aircraft called Transition that will make its auto show debut in New York between April 6th and 15th, 2012. Granted it’s not a motorcycle turns into a helicopter, but it’s probably as close as I’ll ever get.



The Transition is a sub-compact car that has folding wings and is small enough to fit inside most garages. The aircraft has been seen at air shows in the past, but the New York International Auto Show will be its first car show appearance. At the show, visitors will be able to see video of the car on the streets and in the air. The company will also be showing off wing folding demonstrations – but naturally won’t be flying it around the Javits Center.

I’m no pilot so I can’t say for sure, but those wings sure seem to be close to the ground when you’re coming in for a landing. If any of you are pilots, let me know if wings that close to the ground could prove hazardous during landings. The Transition is expected to sell for about $275,000 and the version that the auto show will be a production prototype.

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