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“Zero Gravity” Fridge Rover Cruises up Your Refrigerator Door

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 4, 2012

I have one of those stainless steel refrigerators in my kitchen – which means it looks really cool on the front, but it also only holds magnets on its steel sides, so I miss out on some of the cool things you can stick to your fridge – like this tiny Fridge Rover.


They call this thing a kids toy, but any of us adult children would also enjoy having a little 1.75″ long vehicle that can drive up, down or sideways across our refrigerator doors for sure. Of course it doesn’t actually defy gravity – it simply uses small magnets to hold in place as the wind-up vehicle scurries along. Still, it’s pretty cool. And at just $4.99(USD), it’s pretty cheap too.


Head on over to ThinkGeek if you want one. Personally, if I had a fridge that actually held magnets, I’d buy a fleet of 10 of these. Or an actual anti-gravity fridge.