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Robot Pole Dancers Shake Their Money Makers

 |  |  |  |  |  March 7, 2012

At this years CeBIT consumer electronics expo in Hannover, Germany, you’d expect there to be lots of cool innovations. A pair of pole-dancing robots was not what I was thinking, though. These are life-sized humanoids, with camera-shaped lights as heads that gyrate suggestively to music, which is played by a third DJ robot, who has a megaphone for a head.

This can only lead to a serious problem for the future of humanity. Imagine a world where scientists create more of these pole dancing robots. In no time at all, scientists will start spending all of their time in dark seedy nightclubs to unwind and enjoy their strange perversion. Soon, the world’s problems will go unsolved as they enjoy robo-lap dance after robo-lap dance while they throw circuit chips instead of dollar bills and brew their own meth in the back room.

Please scientists, for the sake of all mankind – keep your robots off the pole.

[via The Mary Sue]