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Keyboard Stationery Set Might Confuse Touch Typists

 |  |  |  |  |  March 8, 2012

I’ve been using a keyboard for so long that I rarely look down at the keys anymore. The only time I’ve really had to adjust was going from my old PC keyboard to the flat and slightly different layout of my Mac’s keyboard – oh and when I used a netbook with its awful 95% actual size keys. But if I were to add one of these desk sets alongside my keyboard, it might keep my fingers on their toes. (Yes, I meant to say that.)


This Keyboard Stationery Set adds a few new tools to your desktop arsenal, including a mini-stapler (guaranteed to staple at least one sheet of paper together,) a hole punch (just need two more and they’ll actually be useful,) a brush (for getting Dorito crumbs out from your keys,) and magnetic storage for your paper clips (and erasing any credit cards or old floppies you have lying around.)


While three of the tools are appropriately labeled, the paper clip storage is quizzically identified as an “Enter” key, which should definitely keep things interesting if you place it in close proximity to your real keyboard.


The set is available in the familiar black or white keycap colors, but also an girly pink version too – presumably for those of you out there with Hello Kitty keyboards. You can find the black or white versions over at Kleargear for $11.95(USD), while¬†PandaWill carries all three versions for just $8 – however, they will pick your color at random, so you may or may not end up with a pink one. Oh, and if you prefer grey, head over to mimoco. Why can’t one place just sell all of these again?

[via Mr. Gomulsang]