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Tentsile Hanging Tents Make Pitching a Tent Nearly Impossible

 |  |  |  |  |  March 11, 2012

Dangerous animals lurk on the forest floor at night, and centipedes aren’t exactly the most cuddly creatures in the world. You want to camp out, but not be bothered by nature. Before, people would have said you’re not a real outdoorsman.

Now, they’ve created these Tentsile Hanging Tents, which allow you to hover above the infested forest floor and live with the trees. Become one with the trees. Becoming a tree is great, but you’re going to have to find a way to set up the tent before you start doing arboreal rituals. You thought pitching a tent was hard before? Try putting up one of these.


These waterproof floating tents are great for experienced campers or for those who want to get some cool photos from above the forest floor but are physically unable to climb trees (except for the part where you have to string the tent ropes up.) They’re available in 2 man, 3-4 man and 5-8 man sizes, but women are surely allowed to use them too.


Tentsile Hanging Tents look great, but I would avoid rough-housing in them unless you want to fall a good ten feet.


You can put in an order for a Tentsile Hanging Tent now, but I have a feeling that they’re going to demand a pretty high price, since they’re not completely commercialized yet.

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[via Geekologie]

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