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Fluid Wall Bathroom Concept Puts Your Toilet on the Wall

 |  |  |  |  |  March 13, 2012

It’s not uncommon to hear about men peeing on walls. But this will probably be the first time you’ll hear about women peeing on them. Well, not exactly on walls per se, but on toilets suspended from a wall.

This isn’t happening yet and probably won’t, unless the Fluid Wall makes the transition from just a concept to a reality.

Fluid Wall

The Fluid Wall is basically a wall that lets you mount bathroom fittings and fixtures on various mounting points. It aims to take your entire bathroom and hang everything on one wall to save you a whole lot of space or give you an extra room in your home.

Fluid Wall

The Fluid Wall was designed by Jay M. Stevens, who said: “Each panel has identical hidden mounting points for easy installation on an integrated mounting system. Panels may be arranged in any configuration. The room may include as few or as many panels as desired.”

I think it’s a pretty neat concept but something that should only be reserved for flats and apartments that are really, and I mean really, cramped for space.

[via Yanko Design]