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Super Mario 3 Frog Suit Quilt Hops Out of Crafter’s Hands

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 15, 2012

Nothing keeps Mario as warm as a Frog suit (except maybe a Tanooki suit.) And now the frog suit he wore in Super Mario 3 can keep you warm at night while you are sleeping. Not an actual frog suit, but a quilt with the frog suit on it. Why didn’t our grandmothers make stuff like this?

Etsy artist bsayasane is responsible for this Mario masterpiece and she did an amazing job of capturing his costume from the game.

This cozy quilt was just $85(USD), but it looks like it has sold already. She also made a Tanooki quilt that is also already gone, but I’m sure you can convince her to make you another. If you need immediate gratification, though, there’s still a Winged Goomba for sale. These quilts are 100% cotton print fabric and 100% awesome. You’ll be dreaming in 8-bits when you sleep with any of them.

[via The Mary Sue]